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Re: Prince & Jarl

I have been reading the recent discussions concerning Sinclair historical
error's with interest. I feel the internet can be a very dangerous tool and
published pages fill the internet with information in some cases from
amateur writers with no qualifications to publish and only their one sided
story that happens to interest them. There are many fine pages being
contributed from Sinclair's all over the world and the volumes of pages are
a credit to Sinclair history, but are we getting the fact straight? Are we
glorifying our ancestors a little too much? And as Tim so rightly said
"Those who elaborate the story will undoubtedly kill it stone dead and make
the whole issue a laughing stock."

When I first started on the internet, I posted a private email to Sinclair
 about Eureka Stockade as my GG Grandfather was believed to have been
at the battle. Sinclair was impressed with my story so he posted it to the
Sinclair list. As with many things sent to the list John published it on his
Sinclair site. I have in the last 2 years received emails from over a
dozen children who are doing school projects on Eureka Stockade. Even little
old me is being used as a source at the bottom of school projects. I did not
check my facts. I simply had a book at home where I got all the dates from.
My own three children are being encouraged at school to use the internet as
their main source to research material as a part of their modern technology
studies. We need to be careful with what we publish on the web and think of
the children who are trusting our work to learn from.

Sinclair has been screaming for 2 years now about the 9 knights at Hastings,
among other things!
It has taken him a long time to get any discussion from it. Why? We have a
great family, we don't need to glorify it any more then the facts.


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> Laurel wroye  "Maybe it was recinded when his first wife, Princess
> d/o King Magnus of Denmark, died"
> Another nit to pick

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