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Re: Prince & Jarl

Laurel wroye  "Maybe it was recinded when his first wife, Princess Florentia
d/o King Magnus of Denmark, died"

Another nit to pick

Henry was never Married to any daughter of King Magnus of Denmark.  Magnus
the Good was King 1042-1047.  He lived (1024-1047) He had two children
Ragnhild (1035-?) who Married to Haakon I 1050 and Brigitta (1047-?).  King
Magnus the Good stands out as being the Danish king who was not Danish. He
was actually a Norwegian king. According to the legend, King Magnus and King
Hardi Canute made the deal that whoever outlived the other should become
king of both kingdoms. Another part of the deal was that a male heir of any
of the two kings should inherit the joint kingdom. King Hardi Canute died in
1042, and King Magnus the Good ruled over both countries for five years.
However, both died without having a male heir, so the grandson of the
previous Danish King Sweyn I Forkbeard, namely Sweyn II Estridsen, became
the new king. The Danish Kings during Henry's life and immediately before
and their children were 1286-1319 Erik Vl Menved (1274-1319) Married to
Ingeborg of Sweden (1279-1319) 1296
Children:Valdemar (1300-1302) Erik (1305-?) Magnus (1305-?)   ? (1318-1318)
10 stillborn children
1329-1332 Christoffer II (1276-1332) Married to Euphemia of Pommerania
(1285-1330) 1300
Children: Erik (1307-32)      Married to Elisabeth of Holsten 1330 Margrethe
(1308-1340)      Married to Ludwig of Bavaria 1324  Agnes (1310-?) Otto
(1310-?) Helvig (1315-?) Valdemar (1320-1375)

1326-1329 Valdemar III Eriksen (1315-1364) Married to Richardis of Schwerin
Children:Henrik Valdemarsen (?-1375) Married to Kunigunde (?-1385) 1370

1340-1375 Valdemar IV Atterdag (1320-1375) Married to Helvig of North
Schleswig (?-1374) 1340
Children: Christoffer (1341-1363) Margrethe (1345-1350) Kathrine (1349-?)
Ingeborg (1347-1370) Married to Heinrich of Mecklenburg (?-1383) 1362
Valdemar (1350-?) Margrete (1353-1412)

1376-1387 Oluf III (1370-1387) 1375-1387 (Jointly with King Oluf III)
1387-1412 Margrethe I (1353-1412) Married to King Haakon Vl of Norway
(1340-1380) 1363
Child:   Oluf (1370-1387)


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 Maybe it was recinded when his first wife, Princess
> Florentia  d/o King Magnus of Denmark, died.   Again, I think there is no
> record of this Princess Florentia who was a natural daughter.  It seems
> unlikely that he would be given such an important title when marrying a
> natural daughter???   Why then was he given? this title of Duke of

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