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Re: The Roll of Battle Abbey - Sinclairs at the Battle of Hastings

The only place I can recall seeing the nine Sinclairs who are alleged to have
fought at Hastings enumerated is in the appended message, which you will also
find in

Notice that there are 9 persons enumerated, not 1 + 9.

In the same page you will see discussion between Niven and Laurel saying
that neither Walderne nor Hamon could have been at Hastings, since they
both died at Val-es-Dunes.

Hamon doesn't appear to be among the nine listed, but Walderne is.
So that would make it 8, not 9 (and not 10).

The book cited is actually by Thomas Sinclair (not Andrew).
Complete particulars are cited in a link from the above web page.
What source that book itself cites, I do not know, but the historians
among us now know where to go look.

As to whether there were 1, 2, 8, 9, or 10 Sinclairs at Hastings,
I really couldn't say.  Perhaps the current discussion on this topic
will turn up more authoritative sources and conclusions.

John S. Quarterman <jsq@quarterman.org>

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Subject: English Sinclairs / 9 companions of William the Conqueror
From: "Richard Lower" <coqnord@goldstate.net>
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 1999 11:26:48 -0700

Dear Donald: Andrew Sinclair says they were: Hubert Sinclair, Earl of
Rye, and four of his sons, Radulph, Hubert, Adam and Eudo. Walderne,
Earl of St Clare with his three sons, Richard, Britel and William. He
adds the Earl of Senlis, then notes that "he was a Frenchman and not a
Norman" He says that "it is not improbable" that Senlis added his name
with his sons on the Roll of De Sancto Claro, but there is no record to
support this. Note that Hubert and his sons were Englishmen from East
Sussex, while his brother and nephews were Norman. This and much more
from Andrew's book The Sinclairs of England.


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