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Re: Charles Sinclair born abt 1909

I think you may have skipped a generation.  The John who was born in Ireland
(brother to your William Hampton) was married to Mary Ann Adams.  It was
John & Mary Ann Adams who had the son, John Sinclair who married Phoebe
Simmons.  Perhaps this is what you meant and I just misread it.  I recently
acquired a book with a wonderful color photo of Harry Ford if you would like
a copy.

>  My records show Harry married Elizabeth Farrell in 1903 and had two
> children, Harry Ford Sinclair Jr. and Virginia Sinclair.
> Harry Ford Sinclair died Nov. 10, 1956.  His death certificate listed
> Elizabeth F.Sinclair as his present spouse.
> Hope this helps.............
> Kathy Sinclair Trappen
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