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Charles Sinclair born abt 1909

I am looking for any referance to a Charles Sinclair born abt 1909.  I am researching the McKinnon family of Pike and Hemstead County Ark.  It is reported that one of the daughters of Willis Evander McKinnon and Martha Willsie Cross McKinnon married a Harry Sinclair.
This daughter was Susan Belvia McKinnon born 1876.  Susan Belvia first appears on the 1880 census of Pike county with her widowed mother Martha Willsie and three older sisters.
The family "story" goes that Susan Belvia married Harry Ford Sinclair ( the oil Man) and produced a son Charles about 1909.  Susan Belvia died birthing this child.  I have found a Charles Sinclair on the SS Death Index born April 1909 (the only one born in that year).  Does anyone have any information to back up this tale.  I have caught this family in tall tales before and was wondering if this could be another. 

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