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RE: John Walker

Interesting comments on Church experiences when we were younger.  I'm glad
that as adults we can distinguish the rational from the irrational ... and
the influence childish perceptions have on decisions that we continue to
make as adults.  Some tapes just keep playing.

Regarding religion, I'll share the following story.  I hope that you get as
much out of this story as I did.  This is better than the wrinkled kilt!

Wait until you have some quiet time before reading this.  It's pretty deep.

Where Is God

A couple had two little boys, ages 8 and 10, who were excessively
mischievous. They were always getting into trouble and their parents
knew that, if any mischief occurred in their town, their sons were
probably involved.

The boys' mother heard that a clergyman in town had been successful in
disciplining children, so she asked if he would speak with her boys. The
clergyman agreed, but asked to see them individually. So the mother sent
her 8-year-old first, in the morning, with the older boy to see the
clergyman in the afternoon.

The clergyman, a huge man with a booming voice, sat the younger boy down
and asked him sternly, "Where is God?".

The boy's mouth dropped open, but he made no response, sitting there
with his mouth hanging open, wide-eyed. So the clergyman repeated the
question in an even sterner tone, "Where is God!!?"

Again the boy made no attempt to answer. So the clergyman raised his
voice even more and shook his finger in the boy's face and bellowed,

The boy screamed and bolted from the room, ran directly home and dove
into his closet, slamming the door behind him. When his older brother
found him in the closet, he asked, "What happened?"

The younger brother, gasping for breath, replied, "We are in BIG trouble
this time, dude. God is missing - and they think WE did it!"

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