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RE: John Walker

Thank You Jeff..

On the subject of belief...We went to baptist church always with my
grandmother..As I grew older I started
questioning what was being preached...I went to different churches
different beliefs..and at all churches they
first wanted your money not discreetly but fill out envelope with your
name on and be accounted for...                Then If you didn't go by
Laws you were going to hell and all others that attended different
churches with different beliefs they were already
dammed...So I quit going and my search for god finally ended when I
decided god was within each and everyone of us..
Within everything that lives and breathes and that we all are born
knowing what is right and what is wrong and that is how I apply my life
each and every day and treat any and all around me that way do matter
what religion they profess..

I have a son that is 19 will be 20 in 3 months and I know for a fact
that he has no sense..It will take him years to
grow into what he will become to make his own decisions without them
being influenced or colored by other's beliefs..I've
been staying out of the poltical discussions because I've already come
to my own conclusions that everything is not
what it seems...Billions of dollars are being spent but we have a
recession going on here and people are going without 
and there is no monies allotted for the families who truly need it and
on & on... We have a film condemming Osama
completly which was kept from being released so it could be translated
and now we have a new translation (like oh
we forgot to add something to the translation need to add some more to
truly put all blame in one area of the world)

Well got to go back to work..Hope all have enjoy the Christmas season
and may all have peace in there souls...

As always


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Dear All:

I said in a previous post that I'd say something about John Walker by
the weekend, and so this is going to be it-but I promise to end on the
subject of whisky.  So many of you have already started pouring the

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