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Re: Charles Sinclair born abt 1909

There is a short biography of Harry Ford Sinclair also b. 1876 at
www.clansinclairusa.org/hg_professionals.htm    scroll down aways

There is no mention of Sarah Belvia  McKinnon as his wife, but it can't be
ruled out.  Harry was 28 when he married Miss Elizabeth Farrell of
Independence, KS on July 21, 1904.   from Kansas: A cyclopedia of State
History.....Vol. III. Standard Pub. CO., Chicago 1912 page 85. contributed
by Wanda Sinclair-Rexdale, ON

There was plenty of time to have had an earlier marriage and just not
included in this biography.  Sarah's birthdate is the same as Harry's so
that leaves her in the realm of possibilities that they would have married
around 1896-97 when Harry was 20-21.  Many marriage and death records were
beginning to be regularly recorded.  Since Harry's was already a prominent
family, the records could exist.  If you read the biography, maybe you will
get a clue of other places to look for info.  She may have died before the
1900 census so that would not help much except if she died in 1899, then her
death could have been recorded at the end of the census section.

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> I am looking for any referance to a Charles Sinclair born abt 1909.  I am
researching the McKinnon family of Pike and Hemstead County Ark.  It is
reported that one of the daughters of Willis Evander McKinnon and Martha
Willsie Cross McKinnon married a Harry Sinclair.
> This daughter was Susan Belvia McKinnon born 1876.  Susan Belvia first

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