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Re: Charles Sinclair born abt 1909

Harry Ford Sinclair was the nephew of my ggrandfather William Hampton
Sinclair. William's brother John Sinclair (born in Co. Armagh, Ireland)
married a Phoebe Simmons. Their first  son was  Earl W.Sinclair (b.May
1874)and then Harry Ford Sinclair (b. July 6, 1876)

 My records show Harry married Elizabeth Farrell in 1903 and had two
children, Harry Ford Sinclair Jr. and Virginia Sinclair.
Harry Ford Sinclair died Nov. 10, 1956.  His death certificate listed
Elizabeth F.Sinclair as his present spouse.

Hope this helps.............

Kathy Sinclair Trappen

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> It can be rulled out Harry Ford Sinclair was married to Elizabeth Farrell
> 1903.  His obituary was published in November 1956 in the L.A. Times.
> Sinclair

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