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Chile and Allende - USA not to blame

Just to add a note here - one of my tutors at university was an exile from
Chile after the Military take-over, I have other friends who are still
"exiled" in the UK, and I also have many friends in Chile, which I have
visited regularly since 1985, and I have heard all sides of the story, but a
Channel 4 documentary contained a recorded military broadcast during the
assault on the Moneda Palace which confirmed that Allende committed suicide.
Santiago Sinclair took part as CO of the Regimiento de Cazadores in
Valdivia. While no-one denies the presence of Americans it was very much a
Chilean event, and even some of the exiled left-wingers admit they had made
a mess of things, creating an opportunity for the military.  At the time of
the "pronunciamiento" there were also a large number of Cuban "advisers" in
Chile, the unions were marching on Santiago and the country was on the verge
of collapse.  A shipping friend of mine was arrested, to his surprise, as he
was a conservative, but this was because he was to be sent to the Baltic
Exchange in London to settle unpaid charter hire for ships bringing food and
other supplies to Chile. It is as difficult to find middle class Chileans
who opposed the military action in Chile as it is to find any supporters of
the Armed Forces outside Chile, but this is not one to blame on the USA.

Yours aye

in Buenos Aires

p.s. don't believe the propoganda, this is a potentially very powerful
country and the Falklands War was closer run than is generally known
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> > When our sons and daughters were being killed on the streets of London
> > terrorists, Americans financed them. When the President of Chile was
> > who was responsible? The CIA?  You also financed bin Laden and Saddam

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