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Re: Clan Sinclair Database.


Many thanks for your time in explaining to me the intricacies of being a
member of this group. I now consider my funny bone to be an authority in
matters concerning GEDCOM. Your response was a refreshing and welcome
change from some of the overly intellectual debate I have read here
which required me to keep my dictionary and thesaurus at the open by my side.

As a journalist, I was always taught to write at the level of a person
who has achieved a senior matriculation (grade 12 in North America) and
no higher to ensure complete understanding of the topic at hand to the masses.

Opinions expressed using knowledge of the language to give debate a
rather haughty air do a disservice to peons of average intellect. Either
that or this peon simply does not understand some of the debate for
reasons known only to the wordy few.


Donald Sinclair

steve@planetcentral.com wrote:
> Donald,
> You wrote - "First of all what is a GEDCOM
> and why is it kept so secret?"
> GEDCOM is an ancient order of Celtic knights
> who were sworn to protect the holy grail in its
> passage out of Jerusalem. They were consulting
> for the Knights Templar as the Knights Templar
> were busy setting up their spin-off company,
> later to be called The Freemasons. Even in

[ Excess quotations omitted. ]

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