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Re: Clan Sinclair Database.

How do I change to digest format?  I can't figure it out from the
information I have.

-- Evelyn Sinclair Williams Hlabse
Researching:  Sinclair (South Ronaldsay), Drever (Westray and South
Ronaldsay), Stewart (Orphir), Lennie (Orphir, Stromness) also Costie, Brass,

on 12/11/2001 10:04 PM, Donald J Sinclair at donsinc@shaw.ca wrote:

> Steve,
> Many thanks for your time in explaining to me the intricacies of being a
> member of this group. I now consider my funny bone to be an authority in
> matters concerning GEDCOM. Your response was a refreshing and welcome
> change from some of the overly intellectual debate I have read here
> which required me to keep my dictionary and thesaurus at the open by my side.
> As a journalist, I was always taught to write at the level of a person
> who has achieved a senior matriculation (grade 12 in North America) and
> no higher to ensure complete understanding of the topic at hand to the masses.

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