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Re: Clan Sinclair Database.


You wrote - "First of all what is a GEDCOM 
and why is it kept so secret?"

GEDCOM is an ancient order of Celtic knights
who were sworn to protect the holy grail in its 
passage out of Jerusalem. They were consulting 
for the Knights Templar as the Knights Templar 
were busy setting up their spin-off company, 
later to be called The Freemasons. Even in 
those days, setting up a spin-off took a good deal 
of time and lots of meetings with lawyers.

GEDCOM stands for Giganticus Enigmaus 
Decevius Complexium Odiferous Maliciousicum. 
Roughly translated from the Latin, it means - 
Keepers Of The Cup. 
Or - Two Cup Sizes Too Small, 
depending on which historian you ask. 

Naturally, it's kept secret due to the extreme 
power of the Holy Grail. Everyone, it seems 
wants to drink from the Grail to restore their 
receeding hairlines. The St. Clairs on my side 
of the family are extremely interested, as 
their hairlines receed faster than most. 

Many people have theorized that this ancient 
order left mail (flexible, arrow-proof garments)
in a cave in New Jersey. They came to America
well before Prince Henry made his well 
publicized trip as written about in all the history 
books. A fellow on the ship named Mr. America 
supposedly gave America its name.
Later, the online service, AmericaOnline, was 
named after him. Many have theorized that his 
daughter was on the ship with him and 
they named the Miss America contest 
after her. 

They left many markings on churches in the 
area (this is all well-documented). The most 
well-known was an anagram left on a church 
in Hoboken New Jersey, which we've carbon dated 
to well before the dinosaur age, and we've 
translated it to mean - "Which way is Yankee 

It's a fun group here Donald. You'll find 
many useful historical facts that will certainly
help any geneological searching you may do.

You've said you're new and "Now I am not so 
sure I want to submit anything to this list." 
But, as you can see, the group here gets 
a kick out of any contribution you may make. 

Welcome to the list. 

Glad to be of help.


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