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RE: More Questions than Answers

To Joe and All,

I will avoid comment on Sept 11 situation, and direct attention to why
people on this discussion group can appear to be at logger-heads on such
prickly issues.

What we have here is a distinction between cultural mind-sets; of the US and
those within other nations.
The views expressed by members of this discussion group; reflect those of
the inidividual making them, but the individual view is itself enhanced or
tainted by the cultural expressions within which the inhabit.

For example, it seems to me the US posters are very quick to affirm what
they believe in.
Where as Australians generally are less likely to do the same, and more
cautious or slower to state what we believe in.
It might appear to US members that some people are questioning the whole
current operation, and appear to be steroetypically anti-American.  This I
am confident is not the case.  Outside opinions are just that, formed from a
route of logic outside of the US environment, no more than that!
Nationalism is only strong here through sports of all kinds.  The US
attitude remains novel to us.  But, it should not be considered defective
because we don't have it in large measure here.

Personally I agree with what is happenning, but have quiet reservations
It is very difficult to explain, in words concretely.  Please take no

Neither thought processes is more correct than the other.
But why this is, it seems to me is that, the US reinforces ideas of
partriotism and Presidental decrees etc.
Everyone is kept in the picture, but there is little room for the individual
to challenge or suggest alternatives, particularly while the state faces a
major crisis and conflict.
With that said, it is exactly you want to have occurring when you have a
crisis on your hands.
Because dissent can be obstructive, when your calling upon the nation as a

Here in Australia, people generally have a degree of suspicion regarding all
politics both our own and those overseas; including the of the U.S.  So we
tend to see strong public reactions in the US (wrongly I believe) as blind
I hope this assists in some way, to explain, comments made upon the
discussion above.
Good luck to you all and God bless.

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