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Re: Posting my line

Dear Stanley:

    I talked to my Dad last night.  From what he tells me your father and my
father are First Cousins.  My grandfather John Meddow "Sam" St. Clair and
your grandfather were brothers.

    It is good to find someone on this line who is so closely related.  I
would be interested in any information you could give me about out families.
I will of course give any information I have to you.

    My wife's name is Amelia and I have a son named after my uncle who got
killed in World War II, Charles David St. Clair.  My other son is named
after me and I after my John P. St. Clair.

    I see you live in Georgia.  I live in Florida.  I guess we come a long
way from Virginia.

     I hope this e-mail makes through to you.  I had troubles with it last
night.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Your long lost cousin,

John P. St. Clair

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> Hi Amelia,
> I just got an email to the Sinclair list with my line and nothing from
> Are you a descendant of Alexander? Please let me hear from you.
> Stan

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