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Re: Tim's last word on "No more"

Sorry for the silence on this end.  I'm still in
Dallas ... actually at Kinko's paying $0.30/minute to
check email.  Is that sick or what?

Thanks for your thoughtful and insightful messages to
this list.

IMHO, for whatever that's worth, I appreciate your
input and you certainly have a "thoughtful" (I think
that means actually thinking) and well reasoned
positions.  Just because you (and I) differ with some
of the others on the list, doesn't mean that our
positons aren't thoughtful and well-reasoned.  It just
means that the "thoughts and reasoning" are different
that others ... perhaps in some cases, those free
thinkers who are less tolerant.

Who knows ... the clock is ticking on this dratted pc.
 Gotta run.

Mel of South Carolina (temporarily displaced in Texas)

--- Richard Huseth <rhuseth@ev1.net> wrote:
> At 01:05 PM 12/6/2001 +0000, Tim Wallace-Murphy
> wrote:
> >Your question has already been answered, not only
> by myself but also by john
> >S Quarterman. If you cannot discern the difference
> between a thoughtful and
> >considered evaluation of facts leding to support of
> one's country and a
> >blind, unthinking, knee jerk almost Pavlovian
> respos - then I cannot help
> >you.

[ Excess quotations omitted. ]


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