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RE: New Topic Crest

Hello Jeff

I did go to your website and still go back and look around...Everything
to me is interesting...
When it was said that the bloodline went down thru the women for the
jews, I remembered something
that I had read that Christ had a daughter but it never went further
than that in the book...Just
went on about the two son's...My search for religion has taken me down
different roads and it all seems
to come back to what alot of these discussions are...Until the internet
there was almost no way to
be able to inquire or talk about anything other that what you are told
that you have to believe the
version that is given...I have never been able to just follow blind
orders without questioning? Which
needless to say has not won me any high marks and I've very seldom been
wrong when I've think that something
is other than what is being said..

as always

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Dear Group:

I have written about many things related to the Sinclairs, and have
posted them to this group.  For the most part the silence has been

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