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Re: New Topic Crest

Dear Judy:

Thank you so much for responding.  I was about to answer you OFF-list (with
appreciation that you answered me ON-list) because I think there are too
many "high-fives" messages that only take up everyone's time without
contributing anything.  Things like simply "well-said", or "take a bow old
chap".  Pats on the back.  Things like that.

But I have decided to answer you ON-list because I would like to repeat my
simple complaint.  Call me a whiner, that's OK.

My big complaint concerning the lengthy (and I think valuable) contributions
I've made is that, for reasons that I have great difficulty understanding,
my contributions are almost universally ignored.

You are the first to respond to my latest contribution.  I hope you won't be
the last, but I fear you will be.

Thanks Again!


"Carter, Judy G (Judy)" wrote:

> Hello Jeff
> I did go to your website and still go back and look around...Everything
> to me is interesting...
> When it was said that the bloodline went down thru the women for the
> jews, I remembered something
> that I had read that Christ had a daughter but it never went further
> than that in the book...Just
> went on about the two son's...My search for religion has taken me down
> different roads and it all seems
> to come back to what alot of these discussions are...Until the internet
> there was almost no way to

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