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Re: Posting my line

Dear John,

Fantastic to have so close a relative on the list! My dad, who passed away
in October, 1980, used to talk qquite a bit about your grandfather, "Uncle
Sam", and his brother Allen, "Uncle Honeyman".
I will do a gen report on my grandfather's line and email it to you
off-list. I would MUCH appreciate getting your line as well. I have been
doing research for many years,  and self-published a book on my mother's
family, but was only recently enlightened as to many of my St. Clair
ancesters by Timberly St. Clair Roberson, who I have found is on this list.
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>Dear Stanley:
>    I talked to my Dad last night.  From what he tells me your father and
>father are First Cousins.  My grandfather John Meddow "Sam" St. Clair and

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