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RE: Costal Challenges of Caithness

Sounds like the description of sailing.  If all of our sailing experiences
were contained in one hour, it would be 55 minutes of pleasure followed by 5
minutes of terror!

A few years ago a group of us bareboated (leased sail boats) in the British
Virgin Islands.  Lynne and I invited two other couples and leased a 45 foot
sail boat.  There were two other boats leased by others.  It was the perfect
week with beauty, wonderful fellowship, and fantastic sailing and SCUBA

One of the fellows on one of the other boats was (and is) a boat delivery
captain.  The following year he invited two of us to assist him on a boat
delivery from South Carolina to the Chesapeake.  There are basically two
routes.  One route stays "inside" by taking the Intercoastal Waterway.  The
other is "outside" and is a blue water sail, including the Gulf Stream.  We
delayed our trip a half-day in order to let a low front pass before us and
elected to take the trip "outside".  What lay ahead of us, I never want to
repeat.  I have the full trip log on my web site and you are welcomed to
check it out if interested.  "We three men in a sailboat" actually moved a
US Navy aircraft carrier.  I still get chills thinking about the trip and to
this day relive some of the trip in my mind.  It changed my life.

My home page is listed below in the signature line.  Go to the page and
click on the "Caribbean and Sailing" link.  Read "The Deliverance".  The
British Virgin Island trip is there as well, with loads of photos (not very
good photos, I might add).  Other trips are there.  Lynne and I "vacationed"
on the island of St. Martin and arrived 36 hours before Hurricane Bertha
took a direct hit on the island.  Walking outside in the eye of a hurricane
is ... well, interesting.  Thank goodness we were on the island as opposed
to a sailboat as on an earlier trip there (also on the web site). You can
even listen to a little Jimmy Buffett while visiting the web site.

I don't think that I'll be taking my Hunter 25.5 out in the ocean any time
soon .... although one of my life goals is to round Cape Horn in a (large)

Maybe one day.

Pardon my diversion from the purpose of this list.  I think that sailing is
definitely in my genetic makeup.  Wonder where that might have come from?

Past President Brad Sinclair Barker is also a sailor.  I hope to take a sail
with him next Spring!


Mel Sinclair
North and South Carolina Commissioner
Clan Sinclair, USA, Inc.
Email: clansinclair@home.com
Web: http://members.home.net/mel.sinclair

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> Mel, I am a sailor as well. My brother-in-law and I at one time
> raced a 26ft. Ranger out of Holland Michigan. We spent most of those days
> handed, that is only two people allowed on the boat.

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