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RE: Costal Challenges of Caithness

Hello Mel,

I don't think the sailing blood continues too far down. My great 
grandfather came from Caithness, but he was crofting, and a miller and 
carter - no mention of fishing. I don't think any of his sons did either. 
My father swam -- like a stone - had a fishing runabout and a few 
adventures in that. I am terrified on the water the whole time; my husband 
loved it when younger, and many wild and woolly sails occurred on Port 
Phillip, in boats he built himself. My brother has the distinction of being 
a member of Royal Brighton for over 50 years, although I don't really know 
how active as yachtsman he was. His son is now a Reserve Officer in the 
Royal Australian Navy, and my son was a Sea Scout. But all of what you say 
about 55 minutes of pleasure seems to be pretty true for Mark also. He says 
Haven only needs one letter to make it Heaven .
Thank you for your sailing diversion. I for one found it most interesting 
to read about the  lives of current members of the family.

iAt 08:52  28/10/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Sounds like the description of sailing.  If all of our sailing experiences
>were contained in one hour, it would be 55 minutes of pleasure followed by 5
>minutes of terror!
>A few years ago a group of us bareboated (leased sail boats) in the British
>Virgin Islands.  Lynne and I invited two other couples and leased a 45 foot
>sail boat.  There were two other boats leased by others.  It was the perfect
>week with beauty, wonderful fellowship, and fantastic sailing and SCUBA
>One of the fellows on one of the other boats was (and is) a boat delivery

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