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The Sea and the Sinclairs

There is an apocryphal story that the first of my Arthur Sinclairs, as a
boy, managed to join the trip of Admiral Anson from Shetland and all
into the Caribbean. It cannot be true because Anson's trip was after
Arthur Sinclair was already a ship captain/merchant between Scotland and
Virginia. I keep finding and losing the story of the adventure, but
seems that Anson set out without much planning and managed to lose much
of his fleet to scurvyand poor management, arriving back in
Scotland/England with one ship and an almost dead crew. Some story of
piracy while he was in the Caribbean(?) (the memory is a terrible thing
to lose). My branch managed to be Navy men for 5 generations before
giving it all up for the shore. The Gloucester Co, VA branch were also
seamen (Sons of Neptune, as one of the letters of Sarah Kennon Sinclair
said of her husband, Arthur (2)) It might explain my interest in the sea
and in ships and certainly my brother who served the Navy for 20 years.
Regards, Sally

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