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Stone Mt. Games Photos

I have posted photos of the Stone Mt. Highland Games and Scottish 
Festival.  The photos are also for immediate family and friends 
to view, so please excuse the number of "Mel Sinclair Clan" 
photos.  I reduced the size of the photos so that they will load 
more quickly.

Go to the site below and view the thumbnails.  Click on the first 
photo to see a larger image, then click on the "right arrow" to 
move through the photos.  The album includes our Chief, cousins, 
events, and tents.  Captions are written for the photos.

If anyone has other photos of the Games to post, I'll be glad to 
add them to the site.  If anyone wants one of the photos, let me 
know and I'll e-mail a better quality photo.


There are 50 photos in total.


Mel Sinclair
North and South Carolina Commissioner
Clan Sinclair, USA, Inc.
Email: clansinclair@home.com
Web: http://members.home.net/mel.sinclair 
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