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Re: Costal Challenges of Caithness

Mel, I am a sailor as well. My brother-in-law and I at one time raced a 26ft. 
Ranger out of Holland Michigan. We spent most of those days two handed, that 
is only two people allowed on the boat. Most trips where from Holland to 
Chicago, Milwaukee, or up to Sleeping Bear, all on Lake Michigan. There is 
nothing quite so solitary as spending your turn at the rudder on a star 
filled night on a large body of water. Lake Michigan is about 100 miles 
across from Holland to Milwaukee. There are several hours where no do not see 
land, birds, planes, or other boats. The last such trip was filled with a 
storm, 6-8ft. waves, loss of a spinnaker, and blown off course to Racine. As 
the winds finally died and we staggered into Racine Harbor, we found the 
Catholic church was having mass at the waterside. After two more days of 
liquid courage, we finally had the nerve to return to Holland. I have not 
been on the boat since.  I have much respect for Laura Zolo and Cpt'n Jack. 
I'm sure they have better stories than I.

Donald Sinclair, Indianapolis