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"Lost Stone"

(Subj: Jeff's stone site: comment re the "RI" bend.)


I checked your site: nice. I have an added remark that will probably tend to
validate a few of your interpretations as well as add something that might
be important.

It has appeared to me from the start of my studying the Templars that they
used Hebrew as a form of "code of convenience" where their energetic systems
were used. Add to this idea is that they used the protosiniatic "original"
alphabet's glyphs for each letter which seems to then correlate with the
major grid system that went into temples and earth grids. (I cover this off
list so will not belabor this point other than to flag the RI as a major
item in that grid system.)

If we use Hebrew as well as the above noted grid we should then assume that
the "bent" letter-group is transferring codes from one "reality" to another.
(Refer: the "Head Stone that becomes the Corner" of Psalm 118:18-24 and its
two related gate systems.) The RI then becomes the vehicle to make this
transition, opening the gates as it were. Translating the RI as "yud-resh"
or "yar(ah)" and using STRONG'S CONCORDANCE we can translate the base word
as "reverence; flow as water, to lay or throw or shoot (as an arrow), to
point out as in aiming a finger, to teach." These meanings relate to your
present interpretations amazingly well ...also to my own application of your
stone's bend from east to north (an L-Gate system).

I highly recommend that you sight along the northern bend-line for some
distance, maybe up to 80 miles or so. Also along the other "main" line of
the East face. In checking relevant sites use the golden ratio in both its
1.618 and 2.618 distances and look for rhombus shapes using the golden
ratio. (Use your corner stone as the center.) Further, I suggest that you
include Tom Graham in any consultations as he knows more about northern Scot
grids than anyone I've met so far and specializes in the Edinburgh area. I
can help also but we'd better do it off list due to volume and adding other
persons. (I'm sending a copy of this note to Tom along with your site
http://www.jnisbet.com. You could help this process along if you could come
up with an exact grid reference of the Corner Stone.)

Bright Blessings,

Bill Buehler

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