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Re: War on Terror

I've enjoyed the lively but polite exchange of views on this issue.  As a US
citizen I totally agree with your remark that the US has in the past "looked
the other way" at Irish-American support for the IRA.  Even within the US
congress, some (like Jabba the Kennedy) have been big (and vocal) IRA
supporters.  Nevertheless, my understanding (only time will tell for sure) of
the sense of Bush's declarations is that they include terrorism in all forms,
in all countries. I further presume that that means the IRA as well.

Frankly I don't see how terrorism can be controlled or ended unless the nations
of the world cooperate to eliminate the safe havens that we collectively
provide for them.  Bush's implicit offer is, in essence, "you make it hard for
our terrorists and we'll make it hard for yours".   Makes sense to me!
Besides, if that route works, military "solutions" will not be necessary.  If
the rest of the world is REALLY interested in "peaceful solutions" , they will
jump on this.  Believe me, the US is united on this issue right now to a degree
I have never seen before in my lifetime, and our patience is not going to be
infinite.  One way or another justice will be done.

BTW, I have seen little discussion of the terrorists ultimate geopolitical
aims.  Since they want nothing less than the withdrawal of the US from the
area,  the destruction of Israel, and the creation of a militant religious
superstate, it would seem that a lot of folks around the world have much to
lose if this stuff continues...  Frankly I don't see much evidence that
(outside of our closest allies) folks around the world understand this, .

An Irish Sinclair descendantstill looking for connections to Scotland, I am,

Joe Erkes
Sinclair wrote:

> The tragic events of 11 September should not fade from our conscious minds.
> In 'smoking the terrorist out of their holes' we can only hope that the
> International Community overlooks no terrorist.  The IRA and Provos who have
> murdered women and children in London, Belfast, Enniskillen as well as other
> places should be included in this 'War'.
> We stand firmly with the Americans, they should stand by us.
> Unfortunately the IRA has been funded by NORAID. This terrorist funding
> group has been spearheaded by the politically prominent Irish-Americans.
> Sinclair

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