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RE: Catherine St Clair?


Yes, I suspect there is a slip.  Certainly, a contradiction; at least.
I have not read the book and have not heard anymore from the source that
posted it to me.
So, we must refer to the book below, which I do not have.

Thankyou for your reply


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At 09:33 20/09/01 +1000, you wrote:
>I received this from another list today.
>As it relates to Catherine St Clair.
>Cany anyone comment on this?
>I've come across a very useful book by Thierry Leroy entitled "Hugues
>de Payns, Chevalier Champenoise, foundateur de l'Ordre des Templiers"
>(Troyes: editions de la Maison du Boulanger, 1997).
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You say that Hughes married an Elizabeth de Chappes but go on to say
that two children were born to Catherine and Hughes.

Was this a slip ?

Only this week, I attended a lecture given by Prince Michael of Albany
in which he re-iterated that Hughes de Payen was married to a Catherine
St Clair.  He stressed that this lady was not one of the Scottish Sinclairs
but was from Normandy.

It is also known that they travelled to Scotland during the reign of David

Nevertheless, in the light of the information which you have given, I will
endeavour to trace Elizabeth de Chappes.  I am more anxious in arriving
at the truth than I am in linking Hughes with Catherine St Clair which is
a matter of little consequence when looking at history as a whole.


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