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Re: War on Terror

"Provo" comes from "Provisional" IRA, an offshoot of the IRA which became
inactive in terrorism early in the current troubles.  Now, during the "cease
fire" of the Peace Process, the "Real" IRA have continued with bomb attacks
in London, most recently in Ealing, where it was a miracle that the loss of
was so limited, after a brief appearance by the "Continuity" IRA.

Terrorism is confusing.  It is meant to be.

It has been said that "One man's terrorist is another man's "freedom
fighter"".  The rule of law must prevail for the world to recover its sanity
and know real peace.

As aye

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> Dear Sinclair,
> I thought your post was neglecting the Unionist terrorists.
> However, I may be mistaken.  The 'provos' is not a term I am familiar

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