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Hugh and Catherine

With regards ton the discussion around the marraige of Hugh de Payen and Catherine St Clair. Am I correct in stating that the book by Father Augustine Hay is the origin of the claim the Hugh and Catherine were married.Much of the work by Father Hay has been taken at face value by authors in recent times and Hay's claims repeated without any cross checking .  I think I am also correct in stating that Father Hays work comes with a health warning from its editor to the effect that the early genealogical claims in his book are by and large unfounded. When called upon to furnish proof, Father Hay's sources could not be produced. 

There is another book by a Rev Thomsom on Rosslyn published in 1892 which used documentation and archives from Dysart House to produce genealogical details of the Sinclairs. This book does not corroborate Hay's claims. 

Does anyone know if the Dysart archives are extant? 

With regard to the assertation that Hugh came to Rosslyn to visit his Sinclair relations around 1128. As far as I can establish there were no Sinclairs around Rosslyn until 1280 when a Norman knight married the Rosslyn heiress Amecia de Roskelyn of the French family Roscelin (The probable source of the name Rosslyn)

The Sinclair family history is colourful and fascinating enough without us relying on myth's and half truths. So onwards and upwards.

Yours Aye

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