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Re: Division - Rosslyn & Research?

Dear Lena, Sinclair;
A quick response to your question and a comment. No one is prohibited from
becoming a Mason if they believe in a Supreme Being. Hence Masons are
comprised of all religions, all nationalities and all ethnic backgrounds.
Catholics are perfectly eligible to become Masons although you will find
most gravitating to membership in the Knights of Columbus. In history there
were some papal cannons against masonry but that is a very detailed part of
older history.

Now to keep this topic in a Sinclair format, I offer two observations. One
is that Sinclairs were instrumental in preserving some of the esoteric
religious cultures past the 1300's. Secondly the Grand Master of the Masons
in Scotland for generations was a Sinclair.

There is a lot written about Masonry and there are 50,000 books over the
years. Niven informs us that one of the important libraries for Masonry will
be the Sinclair Library in Caithness. You all have read a lot about the
Kirkwall Scroll. This is also tied into ancient Scottish Masonic heritage
and symbolism.
The book of the sacred law is found in every Masonic Lodge and this is the
Bible. There are Masons throughout the world including Sweden, Israel,
Turkey, Hong Kong. America is interlinked with Masonic roots through its
founders.  I encourage you to explore some of the literature but caution you
that there is some silly conspiracy literature around. As to what they are
doing in Fact is nothing more than education in religious traditions with
moral themes. A wave to you from the home of Vineland and New France.
Neil Sinclair

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