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RE: Division - Rosslyn & Research?


You might be missing the context of what John was saying.
His email contained nothing that anyone could call disturbing.  He was
plainly stating the creation of a Research Lodge.
A regular craft lodge is open to all who are freemasons.
A Research Lodge by definition is only open to those freemasons that elect
to join these additional lodges.
The reason for this is that the business of a Research Lodge is different to
that of Craft lodges.
The business transactions of a lodge (craft or otherwise) are pertinent only
to its members, not non-members.
Therefore, I hope the restriction is explained regarding that which John
spoke of.  It has a specific masonic context.
So in this context, it in no way divides the Sinclair clan into haves and
have nots.

However, you will find that many masons are happy to share and discuss many
matters that may touch upon topics shared with non-masons.  It is a
situation of being as helpful and useful as one can be, without conflicting
with the tenents that one holds in mutual fidelity with his masonic peers.

If you are concerned about being a have not, please feel free to make
enquiries about joining your local lodge.
In this way you could follow through on the freedom of access issues you
As to it perpetrating the myth of the masons; what myth do you allude to?
And should a 'myth' be a persuasive argument?
Myths have their uses, but this comes from careful investigation and enquiry
of the facts behind them.
Certainly, to apply your church experiences to freemasonry would be a
mistake, and be applying apples with oranges.
With respect to your experience, of which I don't question, I can't see how
your statement can translate from 50+yrs in the Presbyterian Church to be
applied to the transactions of a Masonic Research Lodge?  The two arenas are
quite separate.
As a practicing Roman Catholic; my own masonic membership is an adjunct to
my beliefs, but neither limits, or discriminates upon one to the other, they
serve separate purposes and should not be confused or co-mingled, as one
overlapping the other.

In conclusion.
What John described was of interest to those involved in Research Lodges.
This excludes over 95% of Craft masons anyway.  It is just a spcial interest
group that draws from masonic membership.
Certainly, it is restricted, but then again, I belong to a far more
restrcitive discussion group that contains only 21 members.  The last member
to join is also a female member of this discussion group.  Due to the topics
and their context most people are not likely to be able to appreciate the
matters concerned with the required apprehension to contribute and develop
that work.  Therefore, we placed a severe restriction upon this widley
constitued group.  Yet, 20 of the 21 members are as an aside non-masons.  It
is really just a case of seeing things in their context.

I hope this elucidates what I think is a common misunderstanding regarding
masons, but moreso, about John's post on the Reseach Lodge and the inference
you felt it contained.

Remember the Sinclair activity has been a key part that has developed and
resucitated the direction of human endeavour in critical times.  The
Sinclairs are renowned in most lodges for past great works, whilst drawing
from their fervant religous beliefs which were not always under the same
banner.  It necessarily follows that one does not essentially reflect the

Kindest regards to all & love where needed most in these uncertain times.
Bruce Carlyon
Melbourne, Australia.

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From: Joan and Roy Sinclair [mailto:badger.s@xtra.co.nz]
Sent: Saturday, 22 September 2001 1:41 PM
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Subject: Division

John your mailing re Rosslyn Chapel is disturbing, I believe that the Chapel
is open to all, as is financial support, it is not exclusive to any one
society. The statement that the research and information details will only
be available to approved Masons perpetrates the myth of the masons and
divides the Sinclair Clan into the haves and the have nots.
 As an elder for 50+yrs in the Presbyterian Church I believe in the freedom
of access to everybody and as a non mason although my late father was, and a
strong supporter of the Sinclair Clan I feel that my position must be heard
 The Rosslyn Chapel and its problems are of interest to all, particularly as
the same problem is being experienced in churches here in New Zealand.

A problem shared is a problem solved.
Roy Sinclair

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