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RE: Research Lodge at Rosslyn

Cousin and Brother John:
Could you please send me more information, off-list, regarding joining the
research lodge email list?  I am a Master Mason, active in the Blue Lodge
and York Rite; also a member of the Scottish Rite and the SC Masonic
Research Society.  As you can see in my signature line, I'm webmaster for
the SC Grand Lodge.  I'll be glad to provide necessary information, as

Mel Sinclair
Clan Sinclair, USA
Commissioner, North & South Carolina

Mel Sinclair, Webmaster
Grand Lodge of Ancient Free
Masons of South Carolina
Email: melsinclair@scgrandlodgeafm.org
Web: http://www.scgrandlodgeafm.org
(Walden Lodge 274, Greenville, SC)

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> Cousin Ivan,
> I am a member of the e-mail list putting the research lodge
> together at Rosslyn.  The owner is Eric Henry.  The list is open

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