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Re: Marshall Plan?

>Japan a success story?

Second largest economy in the world.
More or less representative government.

Yes, a success story.

>  Occupy a country ( Japan) after dropping Atom Bombs
>on it.  Then fight  a war in the country (Korea) that was occupied by the
>country you have occupied.  After 55 years still occupy a large portion of
>the first country after losing a war in the second country.

Nothing's perfect.  One hopes we've learned by experience which parts
to do better.

>The terrible and tragic events in New York have caused a rush to judgement.
>We stand, as Europeans firmly with the US against terror.  But, and a big
>but, the case must and should be proven before we take action.  To talk
>about what is to be done after the War we must first identify who we should
>fight. Any thing short of that is vengeance.

Thinking about how to prevent future terrorism is vengeance?
I'd call that hyperbole.

Or maybe you meant that fighting a war without knowing for sure whom
we should fight would be vengeance.  If so, I agree.

Speaking of hyperbole, Pres. Bush used a word he would have done well
to avoid: crusade.

I suspect the members of this list know why that word never should have
been said by a non-Muslim leader talking about a war against anything
in Muslim lands.

John S. Quarterman <jsq@quarterman.org>

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