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Re: Marshall Plan?

Japan a success story?  Occupy a country ( Japan) after dropping Atom Bombs
on it.  Then fight  a war in the country (Korea) that was occupied by the
country you have occupied.  After 55 years still occupy a large portion of
the first country after losing a war in the second country.

The terrible and tragic events in New York have caused a rush to judgement.
We stand, as Europeans firmly with the US against terror.  But, and a big
but, the case must and should be proven before we take action.  To talk
about what is to be done after the War we must first identify who we should
fight. Any thing short of that is vengeance.

There is no smoking gun that points to bin Laden.  This madman is waging
what he thinks is a religious war. He is guilty of many terrorist acts, but
is he guilty of this one? What chance would he have for a fair trial? We as
Westerners have been at Islam since the First Crusade. Many Islamic people
and others perceive America as a terrorist nation, and a case can be made.
The Qu'ran and the Sunna chills  readers with it's look at 'Holy War'

The commands to participate in jihad transpires myriad times in the Koran
and the Sunna. It is the best voluntary religious act that man can perform.
It is better than the hajj (greater pilgrimage) and the `umra (lesser
pilgrimage), than voluntary salat and voluntary fasting, as the Koran and
the Sunna indicate. Mohammed  said: "The head of the affair is Islam, its
central pillar is the salat and the summit is the jihad...... In Paradise
there are a hundred grades with intervals as wide as the distance between
the sky and the earth. All these God has prepared for those who take part in
jihad (Holy War)." This is authentic tradition. Al-Bukhaari has transmitted
that he has said: "Him whose feet have become dusty in the way of God,
jihad, will God save from hellfire."

"A day and a night spent in ribaat [remaining at the frontiers of Islam with
the intention of defending Islamic territory against the enemies] are better
than one month spent in fasting and vigils. If he dies [in the fulfillment
of this task], he will receive the recompense of his deeds and subsistence,
and he will be protected from the Angel of the Grave."

There is however a legal precedent for condemning both bin Laden and
Afghanistan now.

"Fury said to
a mouse,
he met
in the
'Let us
both go
to law:
I will
Come, I'll
take no
We must
have a
to do.'
Said the
mouse to
the cur,
'Such a
dear Sir,
With no
jury or
would be
and dry.'
'I'll be
I'll be
old Fury:
'I'll try
the whole
die"  Lewis Carroll


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