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Rosslyn Chapel

       Greetings,  Attended The Institute on Freemasonry last Tues. evening 
at the Indianapolis, Indiana Scottish Rite Cathedral.  The topic was Rosslyn 
Chapel.  A fine presentation with slides by a Past Grand Master of Indiana 
who had visited Scotland recently.

       He enjoyed a "Masonic Tour" of the chapel given by Bro. Joe Lang, 
Worshipful Master of a local lodge and I believe a caretaker of the Chapel.

       I learned about the canopy that has been placed over the Chapel to dry 
out the stone that is being damaged by dampness.  Hopefully, someone on this 
list can give us more information on this project.

       Also it was mentioned that a new research lodge doing some research.  
Any information of this would be of interest.

       We are indeed fortunate to have such a rich heritage.  We cannot say 
that often enough.

       Cousin Ivan of Trafalgar

       For those in the Indianapolis--The topic of the Institute in May will 
be  the Marquess General de Lafayette. Non Masons and ladies are welcome.  If 
you remember, from an earlier report, Lafayette is of Sinclair descent.