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Re: Rosslyn Chapel

Dear Cousin Ivan:

According to the Earl of Roslin'a fine guidebook, the restoration project is
overseen by James Simpson of the eminent Edinburgh firm of Simpson & Brown.  Mr.
Simpson has worked on many projects in collaboration with Historic Scotland that
require a certain sensitivity to historical architectural considerations,
including Edinburgh's Magdalen Chapel situated where the Grassmarket joins the

During the 1950s, ostensibly to protect the chapel from the ravages of damp, a
cementinous coating was applied to the inner walls and carvings.  This coating
did not do what it was meant to do, and actually aggravated the already damp
situation by making the stone unable to "breathe."  It also made the carvings
less sharp, much like layers of paint will do to woodwork.  Perhaps worse, it
made any "changes" that may have been made to the carvings over the years
impossible to discern, thereby leaving the "truth" of the place open to some
doubt--perhaps forever!

All Best for Now!


IDL64@aol.com wrote:

>        Greetings,  Attended The Institute on Freemasonry last Tues. evening
> at the Indianapolis, Indiana Scottish Rite Cathedral.  The topic was Rosslyn
> Chapel.  A fine presentation with slides by a Past Grand Master of Indiana
> who had visited Scotland recently.
>        He enjoyed a "Masonic Tour" of the chapel given by Bro. Joe Lang,
> Worshipful Master of a local lodge and I believe a caretaker of the Chapel.
>        I learned about the canopy that has been placed over the Chapel to dry
> out the stone that is being damaged by dampness.  Hopefully, someone on this
> list can give us more information on this project.

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