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Re: Gordon Sinclair feedback

At 16:51 21/09/2001 -0400, Neil wrote:
>Ian; Greetings down under from the land of maple syrup. I understand your
>sentiments and so would Gordon Sinclair were he alive today.  Indeed the
>world again shrank into our increasingly small global village where we are
>connected and interconnected. Blessings to you mate, and if it helps I am a
>Canuck and American and my kids are descendants of Australians arriving in
>Canada in the early 1800's.
>Neil Sinclair Toronto Canada

- and with Sinclair blood to boot..... what a great combination!
I imagine that they all know their own minds well, and are never 
afraid to express themselves - loudly, passionately, and with humour.  
I hope that's at least half correct!


Ian in Oz

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