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Re: Gordon Sinclair

Laurel wrote:
>>www.clansinclairusa.org  "History"   now has a link "Tribute to America"
>> which contains Gordon Sinclair's message about America's care and
>>giving during  the troubles in so many countries.   Also some of your
>>comments and special web links are there.

( http://sinclair.quarterman.org/who/gordon.html )

After this article being quoted in condensed form on the list, I decided to 
go and check out the _full_ version at the abovemenioned website address.

I can only describe the speech as "quaint", now I know the time period it
refers to, i.e.; the US withdrawal from the Vietnam War.  I don't have the
number of Australian soldiers killed or injured in that war, but it was
many, given our small population.  Mr. Gordon Sinclair was obviously
unaware of many pertinent facts at the time.  It also seems clear that he
was very emotional and upset.

It is laughable to quote that text as being anywhere near relevant to the
situation today as since those times, we, in fact many countries, have
assisted the USA 
in various times of need.  To do so is insulting to those countries.

>In fact, it got slashdotted last week.  Here are total web hits
>on the server that supports it, per day that week:
> 363883	total
>Of those, 44,445 were retrievals of the Gordon Sinclair page.

It's a worry....

The call for a calm, measured reaction is a wise one.


Ian Newman
Perth, Western Australia

(Reference:  Vietnam War/Gulf War/Recent US bushfires/Somalia/East
Timor/ANZUS Treaty [for starters]) 
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