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Re: Be outside tonight - 9/18/01

I'm sure that anyone can  go out and it can be a personal worldwide moment
of thought...for all mankind....I went out but it was raining and windy...I
know my thoughts are for the world these days as the "bad" guys are
everywhere....and we all need to stick together.....for this new kind of
villian that is out there.....I think that this attack has brought all of
the world  together not only the US....and my prayers are for a better
tomorrow....for all....and being thankful for all of the support and unity
that the world is showing.....
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> As tragic as the WTC/Pentagon terror actions were (i've got at least one
friend myself reported missing at WTC last week) - let's not forget all the
other victims of terrorism around the world. The recent terror actions in
USA is not any worse than terror actions elsewhere - sometimes directly or
indirectly performed by forces within the US military/intelligence complex.

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