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Candle light service

I just got this message.   Have no idea if it is a hoax.  I would think that it would be broadcast on the TV anyway without needing to be sent through E-mail???    Can't think how candle light will be seen by satellite.   This will certainly be interesting.   Seems to leave out the Hawaiians or will it be dark in time?  

www.clansinclairusa.org  "History"   now has a link "Tribute to America"  which contains Gordon Sinclair's message about America's care and giving during  the troubles in so many countries.   Also some of your comments and special web links are there.

Subject:     FW: Tonight at 10:30 EST - SEPTEMBER 18TH     

>>   Let America's light shine tonight!
>>   10:30 EASTERN TIME
>>    9:30 Central
>>    8:30 Mountain
>>    7:30 Pacific

Announced on the radio that the U.S. has asked that everyone step out on
their lawns tonight at 10:30 and light a candle. They will be taking a
satellite picture of the U.S. and posting it on the news tomorrow morning.
Please pass this on to as many people as possible.