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Re: Mystery Square

I wish I got the reference right here and now but I read in several books
and articles that the Lalibela rock-shewn churches of Aksum (where the Ark
was/is kept) - and close to St.Mary of Sion's church - were built by the
Knights of Christ - the Knights Templar who were accepted in Portugal in
1307 and changed their name to the Military Order of the Knights of Christ.
They had also adopted a revised version of their cross - a double one. These
Lalibela churches bear several double of the Templar crosses (one inside the
other) as their signature, both outside and inside the church. The Portugese
KT were indeed there. Also: St. Mary of Zion/Sion is also spelled : St. Mary
of Seon.

on 18/09/2001 14:08, Jean de St. Sigeron at oraclum@yahoo.com wrote:

> --- Iain <iain.laird@totalise.co.uk> wrote:
>> I caught the tail end of a documentary on Discovery
>> about the Ark of the Covenant in Ethiopia with
>> Graham Hancock, based on his book, "The Sign and the
>> Seal" 
> http://www.oneworldmagazine.org/focus/etiopia/ark.html.
>> In an ancient church full of Templar Symbols, one
>> column was shrouded.  The monk said it bore the
>> inscription:

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