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Re: Mystery Square

--- Iain <iain.laird@totalise.co.uk> wrote:
> I caught the tail end of a documentary on Discovery
> about the Ark of the Covenant in Ethiopia with
> Graham Hancock, based on his book, "The Sign and the
> Seal" 
>  In an ancient church full of Templar Symbols, one
> column was shrouded.  The monk said it bore the
> inscription:
> This is a well known word matrix.  "tenet" means "it
> is held", and forms a cross at the centre of the

[ Excess quotations omitted. ]

Hi Iain,

I have two remarks.
1) Notice that that square is in a church called Enda
Mariam Zion. Translation is 'St. Mary of Sion' or 'St.
Mary at Sion'. (I asked two different people and they
came with two different translations :-) )
2) It's more likely that it weren't templars, but
templars a-like knights (like Priory of Sion by then).

And thank you for the links.

Kind regards,

Jean de St. Sigeron

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