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Mystery Square

I caught the tail end of a documentary on Discovery about the Ark of the Covenant in Ethiopia with Graham Hancock, based on his book, "The Sign and the Seal"  http://www.oneworldmagazine.org/focus/etiopia/ark.html.  In an ancient church full of Templar Symbols, one column was shrouded.  The monk said it bore the inscription:


This is a well known word matrix.  "tenet" means "it is held", and forms a cross at the centre of the matrix, "sator", "the sower", "opera", "works".  The words are also reversed. Re-arranged the letters include "Pater Noster", "Our Father", leaving over "A" = "Alpha" and "O" = "Omega", the first and the last, and "TET"?.
See also http://www.plexoft.com/DTF/Sator.html 

The way it works and its Templar connections, would, I thought, make it interesting for this list.

Yours aye