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Re: My Sinclair Background......Warm Aloha from your cousin in Hawaii. My great, great grandfather was Capt. Francis Sinclair, from Caithness, Scotland who took his family to New Zealand where they lived for about 15 years. He and his oldest son were lost at sea, and by 1862 or 1863, his wife and remaining children decided to leave NZ, and move to Canada. First, they spent the winter in the Sandwich Islands with the plan that they would leave in the Spring. Learning that the family desired to purchase land for a sheep and cattle ranch, the King offered to sell different parcels of Crown Land to the Sinclairs. Nothing on the island of Oahu appealed to the family, and then the entire island of Niihau was offered. A wet winter had left the dry, isolated island unusually green, and the sons who visited Niihau were enchanted with the idea of owning their very own island. The family purchased Niihau, and put up their prefabricated house. Months later. they met my great !grandfather, Valdemar Knudsen from Norway who was the konohiki (overseer) for the King of a vast portion of the westside of the island of Kauai. Valdemar met and married Francis Sinclair's youngest daughter, Anne Sinclair. So, my great grandmother was a Sinclair. I hope this is enough information. Please let me know if I need to give you more dates, etc. I am related to Katherine Aline Weir. (She is already a subscriber.)

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