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RE: Combat Force applied to this question


Well said and very eloquent.

I would add my comments on the sense of evil we have felt.
What distinguishes the common person from a terrorist?
I believe the answer to be something like this;
If you were to define evil, it could be best explained as the absence of
empathy towards others.
The lack of empathy leads one into sliding from causing harm, murder and to
mass killings.
Total evil could be further put, to include the above with additionally a
lack of empathy with oneself (suicide terrorist).
What a deep and dark evil place to be in.
It is here that hate is generated.  It is here that hate creates a foothold
and lets loose.
Lashing out without regard for the consequences of harm, living of the
hunger to cause harm.
Harm is sought to be created to bring the others (the victims) down to these
same dark valleys, and rob empathy from them.

The flipside, is what makes a community (NY) work.
The sharing of empathy, the creation of relationships, varying from distant
to extremely close.
The love that is generated from the process of empathy displayed.
Ensuring that no-one suffers in a way we can prevent it.
Creating services (firebrigades, police, emergency and medical) to guard,
protect and hopefully save one and all.
In a time of crisis, empathy becomes stronger.

What to do?
Ahead of all of us is the danger of falling into the many moral or ethical
The right thing, is not automatically made 'right' because we say so.
Righteousness is the providence of a power greater than that of the people.
This is for each of us to fathom and contemplate.
However, we must endeavour to try to reach a conclusion on what is 'right'
both individually and through our arms of government.  In empathy to each
other we are united and strong.

Whatever we decide to do.  I will support it.
There is no 100% answer I can offer you all.
Except to say, that it is very disturbing to be filled with so much love and
hate at the same time.
The comments above clearly distinguish between the two aspects, but I would
not be honest if I said I felt no hate  ast this time.  So I for one need a
little time to get my head in order, before I can conclude about what should
be done.

The great work that the rescuers are doing, so desparately, with courage,
with so much love.
These are our guiding lights.  A good friend suggested it is time to work
with the 'light'.
As intangible as light is, it is our ideal.

With love
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