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RE: Combat Force applied to this question

The question:  How to kill the 'devil' terrorism. Whether bin Laden or
some other 'devil'. I don't believe indescrimate application of combat
force, guns, planes, missiles, men will do anything more than waste what
materials we have at hand, presently.  The MIA from New York alone as of
last night was more than 5500. The Washington Post of Friday, mentioned
that there were bodies found at ground zero in the Pentagon who died at
their desks, never knowing what hit them. That is pretty horrible. But
thought and planning, the same thought and planning that went into this
attack must be applied to whatever action is taken now. A fanatic does
not care that someone wants to stop him/her, that only makes them do
something else that only their devious, contorted thinking can come up
with. It also helps not to fan their fanatacism with public outcry of
our thoughts of revenge. It makes them happy!  We hurt!  That is why
they did what they did - to hurt us! Not to destroy us - to hurt us!  To
make us weak in our hurting! To divide us so that we scramble around
like ants in a disturbed ant nest.!
So gentlemen, ladies! Reason and Common Sense!  Sally

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