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Re: Gordon Sinclair

>www.clansinclairusa.org  "History"   now has a link "Tribute to America"
> which contains Gordon Sinclair's message about America's care and
>giving during  the troubles in so many countries.   Also some of your
>comments and special web links are there.

It's been here for several years:


In fact, it got slashdotted last week.  Here are total web hits
on the server that supports it, per day that week:

   6577	09/Sep/2001
   9787	10/Sep/2001
   6049	11/Sep/2001
  49962	12/Sep/2001
 144333	13/Sep/2001
 110322	14/Sep/2001
  33088	15/Sep/2001
   3765	16/Sep/2001

 363883	total

Of those, 44,445 were retrievals of the Gordon Sinclair page.


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