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Re: Fake Nostradamus.....

Dear John:

Your are right: the Bible, for one, speaks the Truth, from the Genesis to
the last Gospel. No matter how you read it or like it, the basic truth is a
simple one - Love. Period. No matter what each religion of the world call
their God, there is only One and He is about one thing only: Love, and
everything that love commands in terms of tolerance, fraternity and charity.
Yet it is such a difficult 'test' to pass, one that may take a lifetime
measure up to... and put to use. Let's keep the faith in these hard times.
The entire world depends on our capacity to 'love' without judgment.

Ok, I admit I may be a dreamer, hoping for some Utopia! But I need the hope.


on 15/09/2001 16:33, John S. Quarterman at jsq@quarterman.org wrote:

> This appears to be a mishmash of various Biblical verses, such as Ezekiel
> 25:17:
> ``And I will execute great vengeance upon them with furious rebukes;
> and they shall know that I am the LORD, when I shall lay my vengeance
> upon them.''
> Seems to me we've just had enough people playing God.
> Doesn't it any better whether the name is Allah or Jahweh
> or an Eye for an Eye or Mother Nature or karma.  It's not our job.
> If you're trying to say those who organized the deed must be found
> and stopped, I agree.  But let us have justice, not vengeance.

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