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Re: Yesterday's tragedy

Dear all Sinclair Cousins,

America is on her knees -- not from her wounds, though she is sorely wounded, 
but rather she is on her knees in pure grief, utter sorrow and in prayer for 
God's guidance.

As I reflected on this devastation not only of the dead, but also of the 
security of all people, I was touched when I saw the prayers and thoughts of 
all my Sinclair cousins.  Love from family - no matter how far - is like a 
healing touch.

Thankfully none of my family was physically affected by this tragedy, but my 
children have lost a touch of their innocence that can never be recovered.

This was not only an attack of the U.S., but on the world as a whole, and as 
such, affects us all.  Pray that the world's leaders will look to God, 
because without Him, there will be no leader.

Praying in South Carolina,

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