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Tragedy .......

A Tragedy has Struck America. 

As we mourn the deaths of thousands of victims, 
we need to pray and keep in our hearts 
the 266 plane passengers, 800 plus pentagon employees, 
and the uncounted victims in New York.

What happened was a
heinous and violent act
not only against the United States,
but against all mankind and God.

And though we will search for
a reason why this happened,
we will never understand why
someone would commit such a
crime against their fellow man.

But we can pray for every soul
that has been touched by this terrorist act,
for all of those who were killed,
for all of those who were wounded,
and for all of those who
lost someone they love.

And we can pray for this country
.........and the world....
in hopes that such a day will
never be written into
our history books again.

May God bless the victims, their families, and America.